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توسط برنامه iA Writer میتوانید متن های خود را بدون مزاحمت و با سرعت و تمرکز در محیطی ساده تایپ کرده و از آنها نگهداری کنید.

حجم برنامه: 12.5 مگابایت

توجه داشته باشید تمامی اپلیکیشن ها قبل از آپلود و قرار گیری در سایت، تست شده و درصورت تایید قرار داده خواهند شد.

دانلود مستقیم
مشخصات آپدیت

Added WordPress Site Picker
WordPress users with more than one site can now choose where to share.

Choose Sort Order in Library
Newest or oldest on top for date modified
A-Z or Z-A for file name and kind
Access in View > Sort Files By, right-click in Library > Sort By

Other Improvements
Hotfix for docx import and Copy Formatted functionality
Double-click Preview separator to reset width to half
Improved empty link, footnote, and citation appearance in Editor
Allowed files of unknown type to be opened from Terminal and via Option-Command drag to Dock
Set default folder in titlebar popover to accord with the currently visible folder in the Library (for New in Library)
Restored backgrounds for code in PDFs
Fixed an issue where online images were not rendered in PDFs
Fixed crashes in documents with empty table captions
Started counting compound hyphenated words as one

Recent Improvements
Custom templates to preview, create PDFs, and print documents in your own style
Insert with page breaks ‘+++’ on an empty line
Print and export PDFs with a title page