iStat Menus

برنامه iStat Menus به شما این امکان را می دهد که از طریق نوار منو، سیستمان را کنترل کنید. این برنامه شامل ۸ منو بوده که با آن ها می توانید بخش های مختلف سیستمان را زیر نظر بگیرید.

حجم برنامه: 26.1 مگابایت

توجه داشته باشید تمامی اپلیکیشن ها قبل از آپلود و قرار گیری در سایت، تست شده و درصورت تایید قرار داده خواهند شد.

دانلود مستقیم
مشخصات آپدیت


  • Additional sensors for some Macs
  • Ability to search for states when adding world clocks
  • A new single letter day token to date formatters that uses the MTWRFSU format
  • Separate Order tab for controlling menu item order in OS X 10.11
  • Informational tooltips to clock format tokens


  • Reduced CPU usage
  • Reduced memory usage
  • Support for macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • GPU monitoring on macOS 10.11+
  • UPS support
  • Support for late 2015 iMacs
  • Support for 2016 MacBook
  • Some sensor names
  • Portuguese, French and Italian localisations


  • An issue where the time item may not detect automatic timezone changes correctly
  • An issue with network interfaces sometimes being incorrectly showing as inactive
  • An issue where some GPUs may not have been shown on Mac Pros
  • An issue with bandwidth in the menubar with virtual interfaces
  • An issue with calendar event and reminder access on macOS 10.11
  • An issue with the combined dropdown when changing dropdown skins
  • An issue with disk space not being reported for some disks
  • An issue with the CPU cores submenu not updating
  • An issue with S.M.A.R.T. hard drive temps not showing for some drives
  • An issue with sorting network processes by upload
  • A memory leak on some systems